Online Learning Platform

A Leading Innovation for Technology-based Learning

Online Learning Platform is an online education platform designed to connect teacher and learner in a more flexible way


We designed an online-based learning platform to facilitate communication and collaboration among learners and faculty so that interaction is no longer limited by time and place but becomes the best form of learning in the present. We provide a guarantee of a secure and integrated learning system to create a dynamic learning environment.

One of our superior and trusted products as part of technological advancement is E-WAPERD, an application that helps bank agents take training before the certification exam. We complete users with professional material which is constantly updated.



This app let users access modern learning features with interesting material variations in the form of video and audio. The following are some of the reasons why participants should conduct WAPERD training through learning platforms at Infovesta:
  • All users are provided with interesting material in the form of video and audio. Learning materials are accessible both online and offline.
  • All users are completed with simulation features to capture whole problems that will be done.
  • All users will know the results of the simulation along with the correct explanation after they complete the exam.
  • Equipped with reminder features before the day of the exam.

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