Is an index developed by PT. Infovesta Utama as indicator to see the development of mutual funds performance in Indonesia. this index is made as a reference for investors to see the performance of each type of mutual fund considering the growing number of mutual funds from time to time. There are 3 Mutual Fund Indexes developed by Infovesta namely:

  • Infovesta Fixed Income Fund Index (IRDPT)

  • Infovesta Equity Fund Index (IRDSH)

  • Infovesta Balanced Fund Index (IRDCP)

  • Infovesta Money Market Fund Index (IRDPU)

Method and Criteria of Calculation:
  • Mutual Fund has a minimum managed fund of IDR 25 billion.

  • Index calculation uses the concept of Equal Weighted/common average, meaning that all mutual funds get the same weight. Unlike the stocks in which the amount of funds required to purchase each 1 lot of stock differs depending on the share price, the investor can buy all mutual funds with the same nominal amount. Therefore, the performance of the Infovesta Mutual Fund Index reflects the development of investor funds when placing the same amount of funds in all mutual.

  • The index calculation does not include dividend and revenue-sharing (if any).

  • The value of mutual funds index starts from 1000, where the initial period for each index is January 2, 2001. While in Money Market Fund, the index calculation starts from December 28, 2012.

INFOVESTA BOND INDEX Is an index developed by PT. Infovesta Utama to be used as a benchmark indicator in assessing the performance of Fixed Income Fund. The developed of this index is because when the index is created, the reference that can be used to compare the performance of fixed income mutual funds is still very limited. There are 3 types of bond index developed:
  • Infovesta Government Bond Index (IGBI)

  • Infovesta Corporate Bond Index (ICBI)

  • Infovesta Syariah Bond Index (ISBI)

Method and Criteria of Calculation: The selected bonds are:
  • Fixed-Rate Government Bonds (Fixed Rate) for IGBI

  • Fixed-Rate Corporate Bonds (Fixed Rate) for ICBI

  • Shariah-based Corporate Bonds (Ijarah) for ISBI

Use Weighted Average method based on the nominal amount of outstanding bonds that are updated on daily basis. Increase or decrease in index has taken into account 3 factors, among others:
  • Increase/decrease in price of each bond

  • Accumulated daily bond coupon

  • The yield of bond coupon reinvestment at an interest rate of Yield to Maturity (YTM) of each bond

The update date period is daily The value of bond index starts from 1000, where the initial period for each index is as follows:
  • IGBI January 1, 2001

  • ICBI and ISBI October 3, 2005

OTHER BOND INDEXES In addition to IGBI developed by PT. Infovesta Utama, there are still several similar indices for government bonds such as HSBC Bond Index developed by the Stock Exchange consisting of Price Index, Yield Index and Total Return Index, as well as Bond Index developed by ABF (Asian Bond Fund) which is used as ETF Bonds reference and issued by PT. Bahana TCW Investment Management. The main difference between IGBI calculation and other bond indices is the index calculation method, which generally only includes some factors such as more than-1-year maturity period, monthly updates on the nominal amount and exclude the reinvestment of coupon.