Equity Funds

Net asset/unit value and investment return (excluding dividend payout) Mutual Funds Until Date:

*)Information :
The NAV / UP data from this Mutual Fund product is a simulation of the results of calculating Total Return on Mutual Funds with a profit sharing feature (dividend) to investors based on the assumptions and methods mutually agreed upon between the Investment Manager and PT. Infovesta Utama and not the NAV / UP data provided by the Custodian Bank.


Mutual Fund Scoring is a method of mutual fund evaluation by PT. Infovesta Utama using parameters that are considered crucial and aims to facilitate investors in selecting Mutual Funds based on historical performance.

The types of mutual funds scoring:

  • Equity Fund

  • Balanced Fund

  • Fixed Income Fund IDR

  • Fixed Income Fund USD

  • Money Market Funds

The period of mutual funds scoring consist of:
  • 6 months

  • 1 year

  • 3 years

  • 5 years

Aspects and parameters used in the Scoring of Mutual Funds:
  • Performance Aspects, using Modified Sharpe Ratio and Total Return parameters

  • Aspect of Investor Trust, using Participation Unit growth parameter

  • Regulatory Compliance Aspects, using Managed Funds parameter

The results of Mutual Funds Scoring are expressed in the form of "Stars" determined based on the normal distribution of mutual funds evaluation result ranging from highest to lowest level, namely:
  • Star 5

  • Star 5-

  • Star 4+

  • Star 4

  • Star 4-

  • Star 3+

  • Star 3

  • Star 3-

  • Star 2+

  • Star 2

  • Star 2-

  • Star 1+

  • Star 1