Standard Operating Procedures Preparation

Guidelines for Pension Fund Governance

Pension Fund is an institution responsible for managing funds from participants for the purpose of being able to be used by participants upon retirement. During the fund development process, the Pension Fund is obliged to pay attention to several rules that have been developed by regulator. One of them by putting forward Good Pension Fund Governance (GPFG), based on principles include Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence, and Justice.

We are here to assist the Pension Fund develop complete and comprehensive guidelines for Pension Fund governance. We also provide socialization about the importance of implementing GPFG in the management of Pension Fund to the Supervisor/Founder, as well as to its employees/implementers in the operational activities of Pension Fund.

Pension Fund Standard Operating Procedures

The activities of a good Pension Fund start from a clear strategic direction. What things to do and what to avoid, how to analyze and determine the target company, also how to evaluate and calculate the potential achievement of targets completely and clearly described in the procedures. Thus, the Pension Fund will have clear guidance in managing and be accountable for all policies that have been taken.

Armed with experiences in assisting the preparation of procedures, our team will design comprehensive procedures covering various current methodologies, ranging from procedures around accounting, taxation, bank acceptance and expenses, other work processes.