It takes a lot of expertise to create an investment solution.
You are in the right place for that.

Infovesta's research team supported by experienced and reliable professionals to complete any investment affairs. Our team is an experienced professional who already has degrees in various fields including CFA, PFM, CRMP. We are ready to help you deal with difficulties that you have never found a way out before.

We solve the problem. We provide services to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) on things from general investment questions to methodologies in creating investment portfolio strategies. We solve all investment issues from all perspectives we have gained from our previous experiences.

We save your time. The process of data collection, analysis, and report preparation sometimes become a trouble for some companies that have limited resources. With us, you do not have to do it alone. In addition to saving human resources, our research services are managed to save your time. Your company can obtain valuable information on investments more effectively and efficiently.

We strengthen your Team. Our team consist of investment expert who are ready to share the knowledge through open discussion. This means, we give you the opportunity to understand the process we are doing until we achieve the result.


Standard Operating Procedures Preparation for Companies
A good corporate activity starts with a clear-defined strategy to help company make a good decision of opportunities and risks to avoid, how to analyze and determine the target company, and how to evaluate and calculate the potential achievement of targets completely and clearly described in the procedure. Thus, the management team will have clear guidance in managing the company and be able to account for all policies that have been taken. We have been assisting many institution investors to make preparation of good SOP as written before. For that reason, we are the best partner to help you create a comprehensive SOP.

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Investment Planning Preparation (Strategic Asset Allocation)
Investment managers must have a good strategy to place investment assets in their portfolio that matches expectations or targets. Infovesta can assist clients to develop a comprehensive investment plan which implemented easily, such as data preparation, data forecast, portfolio modelling, using Asset Only approaches (or known as Mean Variance Optimization) and Asset Liability Management approach. An investment plan that has been supplemented with various investment analysis and scenarios can help the client decide the plan that best suits her needs.

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Capital Market Research
Analysis and information are the key to success in investing. We realize the success of analysis is not separated from data as intrinsic components of managing calculation. Infovesta as the most comprehensive provider of data solution in Indonesia provides services covering investment analysis activities through widely publicized researches and exclusive research required by clients. We provide research into many sector of capital market investment (stocks, bonds, mutual fund products and money market products), up to asset valuation and other related research.

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Research and Development of Risk Management Standard
Investment activities generally described as an activity that contains risks. Risk is the amount of deviation between expected return with actual return. However, the thumb rule is the higher the risk, the better the return. Infovesta provides services to help investors to face investment risks. We help clients develop risk measurement methods, standard procedures for risk management divisions, up to risk analysis and mitigation training.

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