Research and Development of Risk Management Standard

Pension Fund Risk Assessment Guideline

Investment Managers are required to evaluate risk assessment considering that risk exists on all sides and aspects of investment. We have assisted various pension funds in the preparation of guidelines on risk level assessment in accordance with POJK No. 10/POJK.05/2014 on the Risk Rating of Non-Bank Financial Services Institution to be in line with healthy and accountable non-bank financial services sector realization.

Investment Risk Management Guidelines

You are managed to minimize investment risks by using management guideline so that potential losses can be eliminated. We have created risk management guidelines that been used by various institutional investors which are also effectively and measurably useful in risk management execution. It is also acceptable at levels of risk and constraints.

Specifically, the purpose of applying the investment risk management guidelines, among others are as follows:

  • Providing guidelines for employees, directors and supervisors in carrying out their duties and responsibilities in accordance with their respective authorities, both in terms of operational activities and decision-making.
  • Providing assurance to the Founders, Participants, and other Stakeholders that the Board of Directors has managed the investment fund professionally and applied prudential principles, in line with the principles of healthy activity management.
  • Effectively and efficiently carrying out the management and utilization of all resources and wealth.
  • Reducing potential losses and failures in carrying out activities, especially in terms of use and management of funds.