As a support for investment portfolio managers within the organization, we create system that integrate the process of planning, implementation and monitoring in investment portfolios. INVESTPRO enables multi-user interaction in investment team and transaction monitoring as well as data recording for audit and justification purposes.

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Online Learning Platform
Due to the rapidly increasing mobility has encouraged us to keep giving the best service to our customers, especially in the field of education. One of our superior and trusted products as part of technological advancement is E-WAPERD, an application that helps bank agents take training before the certification exam. We also provide in the form of mobile, we call it I-Learn.

We also create IDEKU, an innovation that facilitates communication and collaboration among learners and teachers so that interaction is no longer limited by time and place but becomes the best form of learning in the present.

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Companies need good data preparation in order to assist policy makers in developing action plans and making decisions. Data Feed is a mechanism for companies to receive data from its source. The companies should not do manual data look up as our system is able to deliver data to your database automatically with Data Feed.

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